Your First Visit

Allow up to an hour for your first visit, which will begin with a case history, asking in detail about your symptoms, your general health and your medical history.

This will be followed by a thorough assessment of the problem area, including looking at your whole posture, alignment, and the way you move, as often symptoms in one place can be caused elsewhere. It is usually preferable if you remove some outer clothing for this - be reassured that this enables the osteopath to really assess your spine properly and also for treatment to be effective. It’s important that you feel comfortable and we provide gowns and shorts for those that want them, or you may prefer to bring your own sports clothes or loose fitting garments to change in to (strappy vest tops and/or pyjama/running type shorts are ideal)

Osteopaths are qualified to diagnose as well as to treat, and are trained to have highly sensitive hands, so palpation (touch) plays an important part in finding problem areas. We also use conventional medical screening methods so can identify when our treatment would not be suitable and referral to a doctor necessary.

When the consultation is complete a full explanation as to the cause of your symptoms and how we can help them will be given before starting treatment.

  • Caring
  • Effective
  • Professional
  • Treatment