Osteopathic techniques are highly skilled, and are as gentle as possible whilst still being effective.

Osteopathic treatment is different for every person – each technique we use is selected to suit your individual condition and body type and then adjusted accordingly, so your treatment plan is unique to you.

Treatment is nearly all “hands on” and may include all or some of the following –

  • Gentle Stretching Techniques
    - to release stiffness and tension
  • Faster Manipulations
    - to free restricted joints with a distinctive click
  • Massage based techniques
    - for muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia
  • Acupuncture
    – with single use disposable needles
  • Ultrasound
    - particularly effective for Sports Injuries
  • Advice and Exercises
    - to help prevent problems reoccurring

If you are not keen on one particular type of treatment (eg acupuncture, or having joints clicked) do tell us and we can use an alternative method.

Some conditions can be resolved with only one or two sessions but usually a course of treatment is required – as a general rule, the longer you have had the symptoms the longer they will take to resolve. Our aim is to resolve your symptoms in as few treatments as necessary – be reassured that we will only ever recommend treatment that you really need.

When you are better we may suggest you come back for occasional maintenance treatments – you are under no obligation to do this, but many people find it helpful for general well being and to help prevent symptoms returning.


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  • Effective
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