Welcome to The Camborne Back Clinic

The Camborne Back Clinic is run by osteopaths Nick and Rachael Hilliard, and along with our fabulous team of associates we make sure that you’ll receive the best possible care for any aches, pains or injuries that you may have.

You can book directly with us - there's no need for a GP referral as osteopaths are trained to diagnose (find the cause of your symptoms) and are able to screen for any conditions that might need medical attention. Osteopathic treatment itself is highly skilled - it takes 4 years full time training to qualify as a an osteopath.

We all regularly attend further courses all over the country to keep up to date with the latest developments.

We also have our own FREE CAR PARK!

Covid Update - June 2022 - Be reassured that we are still following Covid guidelines for healthcare settings to make your visit as safe as possible. Our building is airy and well ventilated, hand sanitiser is provided at our main entrance and again in every room. All the fabric surfaces throughout the building have been replaced with hospital grade vinyl to allow cleaning of the treatment couch and pillows between every patient. PPE is now optional but your osteopath is happy to wear this on request if you would prefer it. Please arrive unaccompanied if possible, and as close to your appointment time as you can to help with social distancing  in reception. We look forward to seeing you and our priority is to always keep you safe.

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